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Residential and Commercial Blind Cleaning in the Boone County, Kenton County, and Campbell County Areas

Ultrasonic blind cleaning

What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very gentle, extremely thorough, and ultra-fast method of cleaning window treatments using sound waves. Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient, and safe. The process removes dirt, grease, stains, odors, and allergens without the use of harsh chemicals or damaging your blinds. Our ultrasonic cleaning method cleans the vanes of blinds, as well as the cords, strings, ladders, wand, the headrail, and the components inside the headrail…virtually leaving you with a new blind…at a FRACTION OF THE COST! Ultrasonic technology is not a new process, it has been used for years by NASA, health professionals, jewelry stores, and more.

How does Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Work?

The ultrasonic tank is filled with water and detergent. The generators and transducers in the machine create soundwaves around 40,000 cycles per second. The high-frequency sound waves produce millions of microscopic bubbles that implode in the water, creating a vacuum that pulls microscopic particles off the immersed window treatment. Because these bubbles are so tiny, every nook and cranny is cleaned, along with the most stubborn stains and grime. The clean window treatment is then moved to a rinse tank and quick-dried through multiple processes. Not only does ultrasonic cleaning improve the appearance of your blinds but improves the air quality of your Boone County home or Kenton County office environment as well. Ultrasonics eliminates bacteria, dust, odors, smoke, and other germs that cause allergens in the Campbell County area.

What types of treatments can be Ultrasonically Cleaned?

Silhouettes® / Sheer Shades - $4 per sq ft, $30 minimum per shade

Silhouettes/Sheer Shades are beautiful, elegant window treatments. They are extremely popular to have cleaned and customers are astonished by the results. These shades can get dingy over time and lose their luster. Ultrasonic cleaning can bring your silhouettes and sheer shades back to life!

Luminettes® / Sheer Vertical Shades - $6 per vane (prices may vary depending on size)

Luminette/Sheer Verticals Shades are delicate and beautiful shades. Gradually they collect dust, dirt, grease, and grime and require cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaning process restores the beauty of these shades, will not wrinkle, nor discolor the delicate fabric.

Duette®/Honeycomb/Cellular Shades - $2.50 per sq ft, $25 minimum per shade

There are many names for these energy-efficient window treatments, and we can clean almost all of them. Cellular shades absorb a lot of dust and dirt that can discolor the shade, not to mention the bugs that can get in those cells. Most clients do not realize the amount of discoloration caused by the dust and grime until they are astounded by the results. *We are NOT able to clean blackout or room darkening cellular shades*

Mezzanine Shades / Layered Shades - $3 per sq ft

Mezzanine/layered shades are extremely trendy right now. These shades, made from sheer fabric, offer versatility, style, softness, and texture to the room. The sheer fabric will gradually collect dust and grime and will need to be cleaned. Ultrasonics can turn an almost impossible job into an easy project for these hip window treatments.

Roller Shades / Sun Screens - $2.50 per sq ft, $25 minimum per shade

Roller shades have become very popular in the last few years, especially motorized or automated roller shades. These shades can be tough to clean when debris gets stuck in the weave of the fabric. Ultrasonic cleaning can do amazing work on indoor and outdoor roller shades. *We are NOT able to clean blackout or room darkening roller shades*

Mini-Blinds/Horizontal Blinds - $25 per window (under 8ft) (volume discounts available)

We can clean almost all blinds with slats, connected by cord and hung from a headrail. Metal, Wood, Faux Wood, or Vinyl Blinds. Ultrasonics cleans the slats, cords, strings, wand, headrail, and components, virtually bringing the blind back to new.

Vertical Blinds - $3 per slat (price may vary depending on size)

Metal, Vinyl, or various fabrics can be cleaned. This difficult project can be made easy with ultrasonics. Bring your vertical blinds back to new with ultrasonics!

Wood or Composite Plantation Shutters – (call for pricing)

Wood and composite shutters can be difficult to clean if neglected over time. Plantation shutters should be cleaned often and can be damaged if not properly maintained. Our crew can carefully clean your shutters, sometimes on-site, and get them looking new again. *Plantation Shutters are NOT cleaned with ultrasonics*

Pickup or Delivery

You are welcome to bring your window coverings to us, or we can come to you and get them. We take appointments for drop-off and pick-up. Most importantly, our service comes with a No Shrinkage, No Damage guarantee, and our technicians have received certified training in ultrasonic cleaning.

Before and After Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Gallery

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